The Heritage of Daniel Haston


Old Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church Members Gallery

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John Alexander & Stacy Brogden

Parents of H.D. Brogden

H.D. "Dill" Brogden

H.D. Brogden Obituary

Robert Gamble

Founding Elder of Union Church

Charles Beason & Myrtle Emma Wallace Haston

Myrtle Wallace Haston Obituary

Charles Beason & Myrtle Wallace Haston

Clint & Lola Haston Family

Children: Homer, Pearl, & Claud

C.T. and E.S. Haston's Children

Denny, Ida, Clint, Beason, Carroll, Emma, & Joe

Charles Thomas & Elliot Selina Morgan Haston

Charles Thomas & Elliot Selina Morgan Haston

C.T. & E.S. Haston Home

William Carroll, C.T., Elliot S., & Joe Morgan Haston; (taken about 1900) became the "Fred & Latt Guy" place later

Four Haston Generations

C.T. Haston, Beason Haston, Smith Haston, & twin sons - James Creed Haston & Earnest Reed Haston

Marion Denny Haston

Son of Charles T. & Elliot S. Morgan Haston

Carroll Haston

Son of C.T. & E.S. Haston

Carroll Haston

Son of C.T. & E.S. Haston

Joe & Willie Haston Family

Joe Haston - Son of C.T. & E.S. Haston

Haston Family Reunion

Reunion of C.T. & E.S. Haston's descendents at Old Union in about 1950

Pruna McCormack Miller

Age 99 at her home in Doyle, TN

Florence Rachel Mitchell Wallace Little

Daughter of Joseph Gould & (1st wife) Nancy Ann Taylor Mitchell

John Monroe Mitchell

Son of Joseph Gould & (2nd wife) Susanna Parker Mitchell

Joseph Gould Mitchell

Son of Spencer Mitchell, Sr.

Edna Haston Moss

Daughter of Charles Beason & Myrtle Wallace Haston

Delma Passons Hatfield Little

Daughter of J.M. (Sr.) & Ida Ora Passons

Dova & Delma Passons

Daughters of J.M. (Sr.) & Ida Ora Passons

James Monroe (Sr.) & Ida Ora Passons

James Monroe (Sr.) & Ida Ora Passons and Vance W. & Permelia Passons Davis

Permelia was the sister of J.M. Passons, Sr.

J.M. Passons, Jr.

Taken inside the Old Union Church building

William John Thomas Passons

Father of James Monroe & William Dalton Passons

William Dalton Passons

Son of W.J.T. Passons & brother of J.M. Passons, Sr.

Varina Rawlston Passons

Wife of J.M. Passons Jr.

William J.T. Passons and son, William Dalton Passons

Rev. Monroe Seals

Jerry Creed & Emma Permelia Haston Taylor

Emma Permelia Haston was the daughter of C.T. & E.S. Haston

Sallie Bessie Wallace McBride & Willie Myrtle Wallace Turner

Bessie Wallace was the wife of George F. McBride, Jr.

Mae & Maude Wallace

William & Mahala Felton Wallace

Sharp Whitley & son John or Joel

Rev. James Tate Williams

(Rev.) James Tate Williams at 5 years old

Rev. James Tate & Matilda Wallace Williams and sons

Sons: Alonzo & Joseph Vincent

James Williams, Senior

Father of Jesse Scoggin Williams

Jesse Scoggins & Elizabeth Tate Williams

Kate Mays & Emma Passons

1913 White County High School Group

Emma Bluford Mays

Daughters of Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Anderson Mays - Nov. 1962

Emma Bluford Mays Ward & Sarah Rebecca Kate Mays Stewart & Lou Verna Mays Martin & Ida Jane Mays Hill

Kate Mays & Emma Passons

Homer Haston

James & Mariah White Bandy

Mariah White, daughter of Simon Doyle & Martha Evaline Mays White

Sarah Rebecca Kate Mays Stewart

Lillie Wallace (left)

Lillie Wallace with Leila Rogers

Eliza Jane Warren Hayes & John Manson Hayes

Rebecca Anderson Mays

Wife of Benjamin Mays

Sarah Elizabeth Warren Mays & Jacob Anderson Mays

With granddaughter, Elizabeth Martin

Mrs. John Callie Wallace

Sarah "Sallie" Burden Anderson Wallace - her husband was a Confederate soldier and prisoner of war

Sarah Gracey Warren Parker

Wife of Bluford Warren & Spencer M. Parker

Sarah Elizabeth Warren Mays

With son, John Benjamin Mays

Sarah Elizabeth Warren Mays

Alice Warren Williams & Shannon Williams Family

She was Alice Warren

Thomas Passons & Emma Passons

Children of Sophronia Mays Passons & James Monroe Passons (Sr.)

Mays sisters & Pearl Haston & Mae McBride

Waman Franklin Ward & Emma Bluford Mays Ward

Emma J. Lance Anderson

James Monroe Anderson Family

Eva (Lance) & Irene & James Monroe Anderson

Mary M. Brogden Lance

Nanie Whitley Moss & Lela Moss Brogden

Taken at the "John White House" which was owned by Luther Moss at the time of this photo

Sophia Kirkland Cummings

Wife of Joseph Cummings III



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