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The Caney Fork of the Cumberland
References - Pages 86-87


The following list of references, owned by the writer, contain information relating to history, topography, natural features, structures and/or people in the Caney Fork Drainage Basin.

 Items of Statewide Interest

Annals of Tennessee, The - 1967 Reprint - J.G.M. Ramsey
Critical and Analytical Index and Genealogical Guide to Ramsey's Annals of Tennessee  

by Fain - 1920.  (This can be of great value to those who own originals of the book which do not have the Index.)

Civil and Political History of the State of Tennessee, The - 1969 Reprint - John Haywood
Cumberland, The Story of a Name - 1903 - John M. Gault
Indian Trails - by Myer - 1928.  (Page 727 of the 42nd. Annual Report of the Bureau of

American Ethnology contains a comprehensive list and description of Indian trails, mounds, towns, etc. and maps.)

Natural and Aboriginal History of Tennessee - 1959 Reprint - John Haywood
Tennessee, History of - 1903 - Garrett and Goodpasture
Tennessee Gazetteer, The, or Topographical Dictionary.  1971 Reprint of the original

1834 book by Eastin Morris.  (This is a wonderful source book for Tennessee as it was in 1834.  Very easy to use.)

Tennessee, History of - 1886 - by Goodspeed.  (This edition contains local histories for

Cannon, Coffee, DeKalb, Warren, and White Counties.)

Resources of Tennessee - 1874 - J.B. Killebrew - 1st. and 2nd. Reports of the Bureau of

Agriculture of Tennessee

Steamboatin on the Cumberland - 1961 Byrd Douglas.  (Covers boats, landings and men on

the Caney Fork River.)

Technical Information Relating to the Caney Fork

Bench Marks on the Caney Fork River and Tributaries - 1928 & 1930 - U.S. Engineers

Office, Nashville(Place names and mileage figures are of interest to the local historian.)

Stream Flow Records - U.S. Geological Survey:

Caney Fork River, 1915-1932
Collins River, 1924-1932

Smaller Undeveloped Water Powers of Tennessee, A Study of Some of the - 1923 -

J.A. Switzer - Division of Geology, Tennessee, Bulletin 30

Surface Waters of Tennessee - 1931 - Warren R. King - Division of Geology of Tennessee
Water Resources of Tennessee - 1925 - Warren R. King - Division of Geology,

Tennessee, Bulletin 34

Local Histories


Beersheba Springs and Chickamauga Trace, Sketch of - by Blanche Spurlock Bentley

 of McMinnville.  (A pamphlet published prior to 1923)

Blue Springs Baptist Church, Records of - Viola, Tennessee - 1807-1858.

(Church was located on the left bank of Hickory Creek in the village of Viola, Warren County.  Contains names of early settlers.)

Doyle Institute Catalog - 1925-26.  (At Doyle in White County not far from the Calfkiller

River.  It was typical of the many early boarding and day schools.)

Warren County, Early History of - 1930 - by Will T. Hale.  (This is a very brief history. 

It makes good reading, but some of the statements are open to question.)

McMinnville (Warren County) at a Milestone - 1960 - by Walter Womack.

(150th Anniversary of the City.  Contains a world of accurate information on government, people, places, mills and industry, schools, etc.  Mr. Womack did a large amount of research prior to writing the book.  An index would have added materially to the value of the book.)

Mt. Zion, History of Methodist Episcopal Church, South - 1809-1930 - by Louise Biles Hill.

(Located in the Hickory Creek area east of Viola.  Valuable for names of early settlers and local history.)

One Hundred years in the Cumberland Mountains along the Continental Line - 1933 -

by Albert Ross Hogue.  (Most unusual 87 page book covering Indian trails and individuals and treaties, early settlers in Fentress and Overton Counties, Fentress County history, etc., Soldiers of the Continental Line for 7 counties, War of 1812 and Civil War, names and location of early settlers and land grants registered in Sullivan County are included and an alphabetical list of land grants in Fentress County.)

Thaxton Reunion, The - And A Brief Sketch of the Thaxton Family of Warren County,

Tennessee - 1937 - by W.G. McDonough.  (This family settled in the Mt. Zion area in the western part of Warren County in the area drained by Hickory Creek.)

History of White County - 1935 - by Rev. Monroe Seals.  (The book contains a wealth of

information arranged in 7 chapters.  It does not have an index, and lists of people are in random order.  The result is that the reader must do a lot of reading for a few names or facts.)

Williams, James Tate, His Family and Recollections - 1938 - by Joseph Vincent Williams.

(A well written family book with excellent photos, paper and printing - all housed in a beautiful binding.  The Williams family settled in White County and lived in Hickory Valley close to the Caney Fork at one time.)

U.S. Geological Survey Maps


The sheets listed below, all on a scale of 1/2 inch equals 1 mile are very valuable in studying the Caney Fork and tributaries.  The early quadrangles, mapped in the 1890's are especially helpful since they show many of the old roads, fords and ferries before modern roads were located and built in the area.  They also contain many old place names.  The following cover most of the Caney Fork area:

Hollow Rock*
McMinnville [download this map - large image file]
Pikeville [download this map - large image file]
Standing Stone

*An interesting feature on this sheet is the large green area shown marked Plateau of Barrens.

The writer has also referred to scrap books covering the following general subjects:

McMinnville, Warren County, Tennessee, Rock Island, Caney Fork and many maps and reports made and notes by Old Timers written up by the writer.