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The Caney Fork of the Cumberland
Fords, Bridges, & Ferries Below Great Falls - Pages 21-22
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Fords on the Caney Fork River Below Great Falls

It should be remembered that the name of the ford is changed sometimes as property is transferred and the exact location on the river may change as changes are made in the river bed, sand bars, islands and other features.

Names have been taken from U.S. Army Engineer records of 1879, 1908, 1913 and surveys made for the Tennessee Electric Power Company in 1926-28.  Mileage from the mouth of the river is approximate.  [See Tributaries Map for locations of creeks.]

Miles Above Mouth Name of Ford and Notes (Arranged alphabetically for Reader's Convenience)
3.3   Ballards Ford.
18.2   Betty (Bettie) Ford at lower end of Petty's island.
10.1   Bluff Creek Ford in Smith Co.
25.5   Buffalo Valley Ford where Tennessee Central R.R. crossed Caney Fork.
40.1   Congors Ford.
66.1   Eagle Creek Ford above mouth of creek.
62.4   Falling Water Ford.  Downstream from mouth of Falling Water Creek.
38.6   Holmes Ford at mouth of Holmes Creek.
25.0   Lancaster Ford crosses Powell's Island.
50.3   League Ford - 1 mile above Hurricane Creek.
31.1   Long Branch Ford at mouth of Long Branch Creek.
69.0   Lockharts Ford just below the mouth of Short Creek.
74.0   Loves Ford below the mouth of Townsend Creek.
4.3   Lyles Ford.
54.2   Mine Lick Ford above the mouth of Mine Lick Creek.
23.0   Moss Ford at the lower end of Rowland's Towhead.
12.0   Owens Ford.
48.3   Peddigo Ford - short distance below Hurricane Creek.
20.1   Petty Ford just above Moss Island.
57.0   Phillips Ford.
76.7   Pine Creek Ford below mouth of Pine Creek.
79.0   Pinhook Ford.
7.3   Pipers Horse Ford.
74.1   Selfs Shoal Ford at Ferguson Creek.
91.6   Shoals Ford just below Franks Ferry.
84.0   Sink Creek Ford just above the mouth of Sink Creek.
72.0   Sligo Ford just below old ferry location and near present bridge.
11.8   Stonewall Ford replaced by toll bridge.
39.0   Tittsworth Ford above the mouth of Holmes Creek.
55.5   Walkers Horse Ford.

First Bridges on Lower River

Miles Above Mouth Name of Bridge and Notes
4.3   Lyles Bridge.  This was a toll bridge
11.8   Stonewall Bridge.  This was a toll bridge on the Lebanon - Cookeville Road.
25.5   Tennessee Central R.R. Bridge crossed Caney Fork at Buffalo Valley Road.

Ferries on the Caney Fork Below Great Falls

Miles Above Mouth Name of Ferry and Notes
86.1   Bailiff Ferry - often referred as "Old Bailiff Ferry" - 4 miles below Great Falls in Horseshoe Bend, where Webb School Camp was located in the 1930's.  At one time called Cotton Ferry.
7.7   Bluff Creek Ferry - below the mouth of Bluff Creek.
25.5   Buffalo Valley Ferry - At the Tennessee Central Railroad bridge and still operating in 1927.
82.0   Cowhorn Shoals Ferry - at the mouth of Cedar Creek.
83.1   Franks Ferry - It was operating at an early date and at least through 1894.
38.6   Holme Ferry - at Holmes Creek.
24.4   Lancaster Ferry.
74.0   Love's Ferry.
27.0   Moss Ferry.
72.0   Sligo Ferry - Toward the end of the Steam Boat Era the ferry was operated by Bird S. Rhea and A. L. Davis.  They also looked after the Warehouse in connection with the steam boat trade.
17.1   Smith Fork Ferry - a short distance above Smith Fork Island.
14.3   Trousdale Ferry - on the Lebanon-Cookeville Road.  It was replaced by the Stonewall Toll Bridge.

There were other ferries on the river at various times operated for the use of 2 or3 families.

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