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The Caney Fork of the Cumberland
Ode to the Caney Fork - Page 2

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Ode to the Caney Fork by Dr. R.P. Hudson

Crystal river, circling, seething,
Foaming river, babbling, moaning,
Pearly river, bright, reflecting,
Playful river, ever laughing,
Pleading river, always calling,
Rushing river, now unwieldly,
Wild, deep river, oft defiant,
O my river of all rivers!
Clustered round your noises cascades,
Rilling, blessing all your waters,
Resting on your cliffs and mountains,
Live my dearest, sweetest memories.

O my earliest friend and comfort,
I have spent so many summers
Winding, trolling in your rapids,
Rowing on your circling eddies,
Trod your vales from morn till evening,
Heard my voice from cliffs responded,
Sheltered in your caves from tempests,
Swam your cooling tide by moonlight,
No, I never can forget you,
Never, never breaks my fondness.

Flowery isles and rippling fountains,
Cloudless skies with balmy breezes,
Towering rocks with deepest shadows,
Waterfalls half hid in vapor,
Lovely girls that kiss you, bless you,
Make your course a tour of rapture,
Most endeared of all the rivers,
Mimic see, the heavens mirror!

When through other lands I wander,
Though I meet with cliffs as lofty,
Waterfalls that speak as loudly,
Yet I find me sighing, sighing,
For your rocky banks, my river.

In my heart enthroned forever,
Time no fate can e'er depose you;
Far though be my straying footsteps,
I will oft return to greet you,
Rest from cares that daily haunt me,
Shun a world of envy, censure,
View the sands my feet imprinted,
Seek your cliffs, my early settler,
Plunge into your throbbing bosom,
Source of all my youthful pleasure,
O my river of all rivers!


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