Jeremiah MC Haston
Evidence:  The "MC" Middle Name May Have Been "McKinley"


Sherry: Hi, I'm researching Jeremiah MC Haston of Dallas Co, MO.  If you would like to
exchange info, contact me.  (December 2002)

Ruth:  It will be wonderful to share info and work with you on my dad's maternal grandfather, Jerry Haston.  However, it has been several years since I've worked on that side of my family and will take some digging (both through my brain and the file cabinet) to pick up what I have.

It will probably be after the first of the year (2003) before I can get started back to doing family research, but I wanted to let you know I'm interested in contact with you.

Sherry:  I was wondering if you could tell me a couple of things?

  1. Do you have a document that states Jeremiah's (the III) middle name was McKinley? 

  2. Do you know who the parents of the 1st Jeremiah, born about 1795, were?  (January 2003)

Ruth:  No, I haven't dropped off the edge of the earth, nor have I forgotten your interest in the HASTON lineage.  However, I've just started looking into my materials as unorganized as they may be.

Curiosity makes me ask how you found my name and e-mail address?  Who, what, and where are your HASTON connections?  I'm sure you've run into the variant spellings surname:  Haston, Hasten, Hastin, Hasting, Hastings, etc.  At some point, one variation was McHaston.

Sherry's Question:  Do you have a document that states Jeremiah's (the III) middle name was McKinley? 

Ruth's Answer: 

I do not have a DOCUMENT that states that McKinley was one of the middle names for my great-grandfather, Jeremiah (the III).  Jeremiah (the III) was born in 1853 in Dallas County, MO to Jeremiah M. C. "Mac" and Nancy E. Cooper Haston.  Because of the number of Jeremiahs in that area, Jeremiah III carried the nickname Jerry as his dad (Jeremiah II) was known as Mac.  When Jeremiah III married in 1874, his marriage record showed his name as Jeremiah M. C. Haston, Jr.

Although I have not directly seen the source myself, about eight years ago, I received information copied directly from a family Bible belonging to one of Jerry's
(the III) granddaughters (now deceased).  In that Bible, she had written:  JERIMIAH McKINLY "MAC" HASTON AND ELIZABETH COOPER, HIS WIFE.  [This is Jeremiah II.]  Combining the info from Jerry's (the III) first marriage record (Jeremiah M.C. Haston, Jr.) and the Bible information about Jeremiah III's dad (Jerimiah McKinly "Mac" Haston), can it be assumed that one of Jeremiah III's middle names was McKinly?  Most likely.

When Jeremiah II's wife applied for widow's pension, Nancy said that an error had
occurred when he enlisted and that he had gone through the Civil War service known as Jeremiah M.C.  McHaston.  Apparently the recruiter/company clerk took Jeremiah's (the II) nickname and attached it to his surname.

According to censuses, Jeremiah (the I) was born ~ 1795/7 TN, and Jeremiah II was born ~1827 IL.  If indeed a middle name of Jeremiah II is McKinly/McKinley, it would be interesting to know if that was a family name.  Jeremiah II was not so named in honor of William McKinley, 25th president of the U.S., as that politician was not born until 1843 in OH.

Sherry's Question:  Do you know who the parents of the 1st Jeremiah, born about 1795, were?

Ruth's Answer: 

No, I don't know the identity of Jeremiah's (the I) parents, nor do I know to whom
he was married.  In 1830 IL Gallatin Co., Jeremiah HASTINGS (b. 1790-1800) was listed on page 276 and a Jonathan HASTON (b. 1800-1810) was listed on page 270.  In 1840, Jonathan was still in Gallatin Co., IL, but Jeremiah was in Dallas Co., MO.  According to a very old Dallas County plat book, the following obtained land in the southern part of that county:  Jno. M. Haston 1848 and Jerry Hestan (the II, because Jeremiah III was only about 7 years old) 1862.  There were other Haston acquisitions also shown.  Jeremiah named his oldest son, John W. Haston in about 1815-18.  Much of my Haston research has been done on a sporadic basis over several years.  Only with looking up these things for you did I realize the likely connection with Jonathan Haston.

[Note by Wayne Haston:  The surname for this Jonathan appears to be "Huston" on the 1830 census image for Gallatin County, IL.]

Sherry:  I was interested in Jeremiah because my ancestor Daniel Haston, who lived in E. TN in about 1782-1806, had a son named David who gave two of his sons the middle name of McComesky, after his wife's mother's family.  These two boys and their descendants were often referred to in MO records with 'MC' as their middle name.  David was married in 1800, so couldn't have been the father of your Jeremiah MC, though.

Sherry's Question:  In the 1860 household of Jeremiah (the I) (b. ~1795 TN), three of his
daughters (b. in ILL) were living with him.  There was also a Jeremiah M.C. Roege (b. ~1850
MO) in the household.  Are you familiar with the Roege name? 

Ruth's Answer: 

Perhaps this boy's mother was Jeremiah's daughter (unknown to me).  The next household contained Jeremiah II (b. ~1828 IL) and his family, including Jeremiah C (b. 1853 MO--my ggf).  Andrew (aka A.V.F.) Haston (b. ~1820/21 IL) married a Malinda/Melinda unknown about 1841.  According to the 1850, 1860, and 1870 censuses, their Missouri born children were:  Isaac, Jasper N., Margarette, Angeline, Emily, Leander (male), Leonard, Josephine, and Albert.  Based on the DOB and POB for A.V.F., I wonder if he was a son of Jeremiah (the I) or Jonathan.  Do you have any ideas about him?

I would like to work with you on the Haston line.  Hopefully we can make
some exciting finds by working together.  -Ruth

Source: December 2002 - January 2003 email correspondence
between Sherry Mirkovic and Ruth Davis.